Saturday, December 1, 2012



Just this morning I went out in my yard and found mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms. After losing my dear Donato to a DeathCap Mushroom, I'm ever vigilant before I let my boy, Tesoro, out in the morning. Tesoro is now age where I hear people say, "Oh my dog doesn't sniff at mushrooms.  He's full grown. You just need to watch the puppies."   NOT TRUE!!!

In July in Alaska, a beautiful two year old Bernese Mountain Dog was lost to mushroom toxicity. His name was Romeo. His owners miss him more than words can say. They've given me permission to post his picture here, so he too can help spread the awareness. It's not just the puppies.
Bear Mountain's Hershey's Swiss Kisser
May 15, 2010 - July 26, 2012

The incidents of poisonings and warnings about Death Cap Mushrooms continue to grow.

In the Bay Area, many have probably heard of the four elderly people who have died at a nursing home when the chef picked wild mushrooms (Death Caps) and made a soup for the residents.   

In Northeast Ohio, a state that wasn't on my map of where Death Caps grow....doctors have issued warning after toxic wild mushrooms were blamed for hospitalizing a dozen people. In one of the incident three people went to intensive care after a friend served them chicken cacciatore made with Death Cap mushrooms.

And yes, in England, a woman died after eating a Death Cap mushroom she found in her garden.

But on a good note...

I write this blog in hopes of raising awareness of keeping our pets and loved ones safe.  It really does seem to be working. Recently I received this email about a dog named Chopper. "Your blog made it to me somehow and I cannot thank you enough!  You may have possibly SAVED MY DOGS LIFE!  These mushrooms have started to appear in my back yard...Because of reading this blog today I will make sure he NEVER goes outside before I check the yard as they appear overnight."


So please, comb your backyard every morning and keep an eye out when you walk your dog at the park. My mantra is to pick every mushroom. I'm not taking any chances. 
(Click on the above's a news video/story from last Fall,
  but has some great pictures and information.)

Pick mushrooms, 
Bag them and Throw them out...
And DON'T let your dog see you digging them up, 
for it will only peak his interests.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog on Long Island Nearly Dies After Eating Mushroom

A friend sent this to me....thankfully the pup is okay.  But it's a warning for those on the east coast...especially on Long Island and New York State!  Mushrooms are coming up!

Sandy, Golden Retriever Pup, Nearly Dies After Eating Mushroom From Backyard « CBS New York

So take care out there....remember if you need Mushroom Alert Cards or Posters they are on this website and can be printed out.  Or contact me if you'd like to order a larger quantity of cards.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dog poisoned by Death Cap Mushrooms SAVED by New Procedure

There just might be some hope if your dog eats a Death Cap Mushroom. 

There is a new procedure that provides instant draining of the toxins from the gallbladder.  I suggest we should all get this information to our vets.   

Please click on these two links below:

We don't think mushrooms in the summer...BUT THEY ARE OUT THERE NOW!

I lost my sweet pup Donato on August 17th. And unfortunately, just recently I heard of two older dogs that ate mushrooms and died. It's not just the puppies.

Patrol your yard. Pick mushrooms, bag them and throw them out. When out on walks, be careful.

But at least now, if your pup eats a Death Cap...he has a chance to survive.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Donato's Message Warning of DeathCaps was on the Evening News!

Dear Friends,

This past week another dog in the area died of Mushroom Toxicity. Someone got in touch with our local news station and they decided to do a story on Death Cap Mushrooms and pets. The reporter called me yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd do an on camera interview. You know the answer ....of course I would do it. So Tesoro and I rushed over to the park to meet the news crew.

It wasn't easy being asked to remember those last moments of Donato's life...but that's part of the message....we don't want this to happen to others.  

The spot aired last night at both 10 and 11 and they even used it in the promo for the news.
Here's the link below. 

Bay Area Dog Owner Hopes To Reduce Mushroom-Related Deaths « CBS San Francisco

Donato's Legacy not only lives on but continues to grow. Bless your little silver angel. You'll never be forgotten. You are a very important little dog. 

Please continue to spread the warnings about DeathCaps and keep our fur kids safe. If you want to order quantities of Mushroom Alert Cards please contact me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Protect our Pups!!!

3,000 Mushroom Alert Cards 
Donated to Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty

I'm so proud to say "The Friends of Donato" have made it possible to donate 3,000 Mushroom Alert Cards to the BMDCA National Specialty. Donato's message will be put in every Welcome Bag at the BMDCA National Specialty and packets of 10 cards will be available to breeders to give to their puppy people.  We are asking if breeders could give a small donation so we can pay it forward and continue to print more cards. The cards are 3 x 4 inches and printed on high gloss card stock.  The .jpg files for the card and also Donato's poster are also available on this website. (see the above tabs.)

Unfortunately, just this morning I got an email about another pup in Menlo Park, CA that died from mushroom toxicity. So our work is not done. I challenge other breed clubs to help spread the word. Please contact me if your organization or club would like to order a quantity of Mushroom Alert cards. We make no money on this...only pay it forward so we can continue to print more cards. (see Contact tab above.)

Donato would have turned two years old last week. He would be a big boy now...and though he is only with us in spirit his message has spread the globe. My little silver gent, how he has grown and become a very important boy dog. 

Happy Birthday My Sweet Donato!