Friday, March 9, 2012

Donato's Message Warning of DeathCaps was on the Evening News!

Dear Friends,

This past week another dog in the area died of Mushroom Toxicity. Someone got in touch with our local news station and they decided to do a story on Death Cap Mushrooms and pets. The reporter called me yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd do an on camera interview. You know the answer ....of course I would do it. So Tesoro and I rushed over to the park to meet the news crew.

It wasn't easy being asked to remember those last moments of Donato's life...but that's part of the message....we don't want this to happen to others.  

The spot aired last night at both 10 and 11 and they even used it in the promo for the news.
Here's the link below. 

Bay Area Dog Owner Hopes To Reduce Mushroom-Related Deaths « CBS San Francisco

Donato's Legacy not only lives on but continues to grow. Bless your little silver angel. You'll never be forgotten. You are a very important little dog. 

Please continue to spread the warnings about DeathCaps and keep our fur kids safe. If you want to order quantities of Mushroom Alert Cards please contact me.